The first ever narrative news TV series from The New York Times

The Weekly is a landmark new series from The New York Times, bringing the newspaper’s unparalleled journalism and insight to the TV screen for the first time. Delivering compelling US and international stories, The Weekly will go beyond the news to reveal the workings of one of the world’s great news organizations.

Each episode is experienced through the eyes and ears of Times reporters and their subjects and sources around the globe. 1,450 journalists file 2,500 stories a week while reporting on the ground in 160 countries each year and The Weekly has access to them all, from investigative journalism to political scoops to reports from the front lines to stories that literally change our culture.

The Weekly also finds the stories behind the headlines that would otherwise be left on the cutting room floor. Every week the show includes one or two of The Times’s biggest and most important visual stories, and viewers are with those stories and the reporters as the show brings them to life.

Commissioned by FX in the US in association with Hulu, the series is produced by The New York Times and Left/Right, the award-winning producers of acclaimed docuseries including This American Life and The Circus for Showtime, as well as multiple episodes of Frontline for PBS.

In a time of intense debate about the role of a free press and the relationship between press and politics, The Weekly is an exceptional new series that helps viewers understand the world.

Factual // 30 x 27’

Produced by The New York Times & Left/Right for FX and Hulu (US)

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