Can bitter rivals be reconciled in this groundbreaking new experiment?

Nationalists vs. immigrants. Animal activists vs. animal hunters. Homosexuals vs. homophobes. Some groups are so divided by hate it seems impossible for them to ever reconcile their differences.

“State of Hate” is a groundbreaking new experiment from the creators of “Married at First Sight”, that looks to end these bitter rivalries through a series of intense challenges.

Set in a remote outdoor camp, each episode begins by pitting two opposing groups against each other in a series of duels to win cash prizes. These battles are designed to provoke confrontation, and test mental and physical strength and teamworking skills. Throughout the experiment, the competitors are watched by psychologists, who provide ongoing commentary on the groups’ internal relationships and developments.

If competing against each other was hard, then working together will seem almost impossible. Phase two of the format gives both groups a joint challenge. Put through their paces in every conceivable way, if the two teams can work together and complete the challenge in 24 hours, the prize money is theirs to share. If not, it will decrease every hour.

Phase three is their chance at reconciliation. The groups are interviewed to see if they have changed their hearts and minds about the other group. But there’s also a final, nail-biting offer: share an increased cash prize from phase one with the other team, or keep it all to themselves. Making that decision, without knowing if the other group will do the same, determines if the experiment has been a success.

In a world on the brink of ever greater divisions and hatred, is “State of Hate” the radical solution we need?

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