The nerve-wracking new gameshow where everything can change in a heartbeat!

Pulse! is an innovative new challenge format featuring two teams of three celebrities, each trying to keep their cool – and their heartbeats steady – in a pulsating face-off.

Over the course of nine rounds, the celebrities have their pulses monitored while undertaking entertaining and surprising challenges, such as searching for treasure in sand; building a house made of cards in less than 300 heartbeats; or describing a word for their team mates to guess while being spun around in an astronaut’s gyroscope trainer! Whoever proves the best at controlling their heartbeat wins the round for their team.

The celebrities need to stay focused on their heartbeats throughout and try not to get too excited – or anxious – as each challenge is announced. In the final round, whether it’s racing or resting, only the team most in control of its pulse will win.


  • The premiere episode in Germany delivered a strong 11.3% audience share in the commercial target (14-49)
  • An original idea with unique gameplay – players have to control their heartbeats to win

Formats // Entertainment

Produced by Redseven Entertainment for ProSieben (Germany)

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