Social media stars battle it out to survive offline and off the grid in this competitive and definitive digital detox format

Six social media stars are stripped of their cell phones and gadgets before venturing deep into the forest for a wild week of back-to-basics living, survival skills, and campsite challenges.

Dressed as scouts, the influencers must follow strict rules, respect nature, and prove themselves in daily solo and team-based tasks – anything from starting a fire to building a stretcher and carrying it over a course – to win coveted badges from the show’s host.

The race is on to collect as many badges as possible.

Eliminations begin in episode three, with the holder of the fewest badges leaving first. By the final episode, only three scouts are left. Nature knowledge and new-found camp skills are put to the test, whittling three stars down to two. The last two then face three physical challenges to see who emerges the winner.

A fun, ‘fish-out-of-water’ format that highlights our reliance on smartphones – and what can be achieved without them. 

Produced by Redseven Entertainment for JOYN/TVD (Germany)

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