The highest-rating and most talked-about new show in the Netherlands.

Primary school. A mini-society with its own playground rules, goodbye etiquette, competitive parents, teacher-parent evenings, class trips, and the lowest of volunteer jobs: checking the kids for head lice.

That’s the job, and the world, that mother Hannah (Jennifer Hoffman – Dummie de Mummie) faces at her daughter’s primary school.

Newly divorced, child psychologist Hannah finds herself alone and thrown into the strange warzone of the school playground. There are no rule books or integration courses, so Hannah must learn the playground rituals through trial and error. At first she tries to avoid the ‘mom mafia’ and the weird teaching staff; but she soon finds herself living amongst them: an active member of five group apps, the overseer of the charity pot, and with the dubious honor of being nominated as the official ‘Lice Mother’.

Surviving the first day of term, stressful Christmas festivities and kids’ birthday parties, it’s hard being an adult at primary school in this hilarious, cringe-inducing new comedy series.

Lice Mother has proved a massive ratings hit for AvroTros/NPO3 in the Netherlands, with audiences of over 5.2 million viewers and a 40% market share, to become NPO3’s most watched show ever and with the highest ever recorded online viewing figures in the Netherlands.

Lice Mother has been recommissioned for a second season in the Netherlands, and the scripted format has been commissioned by broadcasters including SAT.1 in Germany and VTM in Belgium.

Scripted Series // Comedy
10 x 25′; Season Two coming soon. Also available as a scripted format
Produced by BING Film&TV for AvroTros/NPO3 (The Netherlands)

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