A new competitive format that challenges teams to devise and deliver ingenious DIY ideas

Eight pairs of DIY enthusiasts, with a mixture of know-how and skills, arrive at a well-equipped workshop with a limited selection of their own materials and tools.

Each week they face two challenges: firstly, to test their manual skills and teamwork they are each tasked with creating the same object – such as a coat rack – by following a set of precise instructions and using the same supply of materials. Secondly, they are required to showcase initiative, flair and creativity by transforming a living space, such as a kid’s bedroom. The teams can choose their materials for building, decorating or upcycling from a hardware store and flea market located in the workshop.

An expert jury is on hand throughout to give advice and comment on progress, before evaluating each task for its originality, functionality and quality. Each week one team is eliminated until two are left. In the final the remaining teams compete to fulfil a real-life interior design commission for a cash prize.


  • Packed full of inspiring ideas, tips and replicable solutions for viewers to take away
  • Taps into accessible and universally popular hobbies such as DIY and upcycling

Formats // Reality
Produced and created by Tower Productions for SAT.1 (Germany)

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