The smash-hit new Danish format that uses the power of big data to crack the code to love.

Of all the mysteries in life, love is the most difficult to solve. Despite being more connected than ever before, millions of people are struggling to find ‘the one’ to share their lives with, and no app seems able to find the perfect formula for everlasting love.

But what if we turn to science and the power of big data and algorithms to solve the mystery of love? In a major new social experiment, the dating game is rebooted in the biggest ever attempt to crack Cupid’s code to love and reveal the magic formula that makes good relationships work.

In Code to Love, a nation’s happiest couples, aged between 20 and 40 and who have been together for more than 2 years, are surveyed to understand what makes their relationships so successful. Using this data, and advanced computer technology, we construct the nation’s ‘code to love’ – a unique algorithm that can predict compatibility and potential relationship success in order to match singles.

Then we meet eight single people – four couples – who have been matched using this data. They all have their own reasons for taking part in the show, from failed relationships and marriages, to not being able to find the perfect partner.

For one month, they live together to test whether the science behind big data can get love to flourish where emotions and chemistry has failed. They also receive guidance from experts and take part in intimacy building assignments from Code to Love’s A.I. digital coach.

At the end of the experiment, they must decide whether to stay together, or break up for good.

Will algorithms and advanced technology result in long-lasting love matches, and is there really a code to love? Find out in this fascinating new social experiment.

Formats // Reality
Produced by Drive Studios for DR3 (Denmark)

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