The biggest decision you’ll never make in this life-changing new format, now on Bravo (US)

Buying Blind is the radical new reality format that sees a family who can’t decide what house to buy, put their life-savings in the hands of experts to purchase them a home – without ever having seen it!

The show starts with the family coming together with a host, and property and interior design experts, to discuss how the problems with their current living situation are affecting their lives. Interviewing the family together and separately, they reveal the conflicts and issues in trying to choose a home, and what kind of dream house they would love.

The moment of truth comes when the family must decide whether to grant the experts power of attorney over their life-savings to buy a house on their behalf, or to walk away forever. The experts then start house-hunting, culminating in them putting in an offer, negotiating the price and completing the purchase.

Then the family are taken to the property, blindfolded, and their new house is revealed to them for the first time. Disappointment often ensues; it’s not necessarily their dream home! But the experts have a vision of what it all could be, and have kept money in the budget for the renovations.

After the renovations, it’s time for the big reveal, as the experts finally show the family their new house, transformed.

A ratings hit on TV3 Denmark and now in production for a second season, the Buying Blind format has sold to over eight territories including Bravo (US), Nine Network (Australia), RTL (Netherlands), SBS (Belgium), Nelonen (Finland) and M6 (France).

Also available on tape:
Buying it Blind (US): 6 x 1 Hour
Buying Blind (Australia): 6 x 1 Hour

Created by Kinetic Content
Produced by Snowman Productions for TV3 (Denmark)

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