International hip-hop star Lupe Fiasco wanders the way of the warrior in this new docu-series.

They call him the “king of lyrical trickiness”, and for the last decade he has conquered the music world as a rapper, record producer and entrepreneur.

Now, in an exciting three-part documentary series, Lupe Fiasco is also exploring his other love, the martial art of Kung Fu.

In a cross-cultural voyage across China, the hip-hop artist explores the roots of this ancient discipline that has been a passion of his ever since he was a little boy. At the same time, Lupe also explores China’s burgeoning hip-hop scene.

In Cangzhou, he visits the home temple Wang Zi-Ping – the Chinese Muslim Grandmaster of Wu Shu, and Lupe’s boyhood hero. Traveling to Shaolin Temple and Fu Wang Temple high up in the Songshan Mountains, Lupe learns the secrets of Kung Fu from some of the world’s greatest martial artists. His last stop in Beijing finds him discussing the art of sword making with a generational master, witnessing the ancient art of Chinese opera face-changing, and harnessing his inner strength through Tai Chi. Finally, drawing from his experiences, he writes and records his next hit single Air China.

Featuring one of the world’s most high-profile rappers working today, Beat N Path is a fascinating series that blends cultures, disciplines, travel, music and martial arts.

Season Two of Beat N Path is now in production, set in Japan.

Factual // Travel
1 x 70′ or 3 x 25’; Season Two coming soon
Produced by Studio SV

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