An audacious new studio-based gameshow that is daring and downright hilarious

Fifty contestants compete in bizarre, studio-based challenges that become progressively more daring!

Each challenge, introduced by a star host and beginning with the words “I’d never dare to…”, has five different stages and gets progressively more outrageous. For example, the challenge ‘I’d never dare to sing in public soon becomes ‘I’d never dare to sing in public…while wearing a swimsuit… holding a bucket of water…and bouncing on trampoline’…! At any stage, contestants can eliminate themselves from the challenge by turning off their light.

Once all five stages of the challenge are revealed, the remaining contestants bid to complete that challenge. The contestant who bids the lowest gets to undertake it and wins a cash prize. A new contestant then replaces the prize winner, and all 50 face the next crazy challenge in this madcap new gameshow.


  • A simple, cost-effective and fast-paced format
  • Full of outrageous elements with huge appeal for young adults

Formats // Entertainment
Produced and created by Redseven Entertainment for ProSieben (Germany)

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