Slow Burn produced by Left/Right to premiere November 24 at 10pm.

Epix announced Saturday at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that Slow Burn, a six-episode docuseries based on the Slate podcast of the same name and produced by Left/Right, will premiere November 24 at 10pm.

From Nixon and Watergate to Clinton’s impeachment, host Leon Neyfakh excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters involved in the downfall of a president — flashing back to politically tumultuous times not so far removed from today. Slow Burn, winner of Best Podcast at the first iHeartRadio Podcast Awards, is produced by Slate. The docuseries will be produced in partnership between Left/Right and Slate.

Season one of Left/Right’s series adaptation will mirror that of the podcast, looking back on the Watergate crisis and exploring its parallels with the present.

Slow Burn is executive produced by Leon Neyfakh, along with Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver for Left/Right and Dan Check, Julia Turner and Gabriel Roth for Slate.

Neyfakh started his reporting career at the New York Observer before joining The Boston Globe as the staff writer for the Ideas section covering the world of academia. At Slate, he reported on the criminal justice system and the Justice Department before co-creating Slow Burn with Andrew Parsons.

Left/Right’s political docuseries The Circus is set to continue its fourth season on Showtime from Sunday, September 22, with eight new episodes. The Weekly, the major new half-hour series produced by Left/Right and The New York Times, is currently airing on Sundays on FX in the US, with next day streaming on Hulu US.