New show Balls to Dare attracts big youth audiences to the channel

Wednesday’s 15 minute channel takeover segment becomes high-rating and viral sensation, with over 18 million Instagram views

Hit entertainment show Beat the Channel, distributed by Red Arrow Studios International, has returned to ProSieben in Germany with high ratings.

The Season Three premiere continued the format’s strong run of success, helping ProSieben grab the biggest slice of the audience in Germany when it premiered on Tuesday May 5.

The show scored an average daily market share of 10.6% – a 14% increase over the network’s year-to-date share, and pulled in 13.2% of the 14-49 year old audience, up 30.8% over the slot average. Its performance among Females 14-29 and Males 14-49 was even stronger, posting market shares of 22.9% (up +51.6% over slot share) and 21.3% (up +42.3% over slot share) respectively.

Beat the Channel, produced and created by Florida Entertainment for ProSieben, is a high-energy, noisy and totally original concept in which two popular TV presenters are given the chance to win a 15-minute live broadcast slot, where anything goes. It has already been licensed to territories including France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Middle East.

The winning 15 minute channel takeover which aired on Wednesday May 13 was titled ‘Men’s Worlds’, and explored the topic of sexual harassment and the everyday violence which women are exposed to – from unsolicited dickpics to abusive text messages, to rape culture.

The hard-hitting and powerful segment created a media storm in Germany, with unprecedented PR and social media buzz, support and praise from politicians, celebrities and viewers in tackling this important issue, and high-ratings for ProSieben. As of writing, the 15 minute segment has had over 3 million views on YouTube, and 18 million views on Instagram.

Previous 15 minute channel takeovers have ranged from the serious to the hilarious and everything in between, with stars Joko and Klaas devoting their winning slots to hiding money in cities around Germany and filming viewers trying to find it, and gifting the slot to people who help others and have important things to say.

Also on ProSieben this week and premiering after Beat the Channel, was hilarious new studio-based gameshow Balls to Dare (local title: Balls – für Geld mache ich alles), produced by Redseven Entertainment and distributed by Red Arrow Studios International.

The show delivered a ballsy 11.8% market share among the 14-49 demo, beating the slot average by 17.1%. The format also proved a hit with young Female and Male demos, posting a 28.1% market share for Females 14-29, up an extraordinary 85% over the slot average, and a 25.5% share for Males 14-29 years, up +70.4% over the average.

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