Red Arrow Studios is one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of entertainment content, comprised of 20 production companies in seven territories, producing over 215 shows and 1,000 hours a year; world-leading digital studio, Studio71, based in six countries, with over 1,400+ web channels and 10 billion monthly video views; and global TV and film distributors Red Arrow Studios International and Gravitas Ventures, with a combined catalog of over 4,000 titles.

The group’s significant output includes scripted, non-scripted and formatted content and IP, from TV and film to short-form and branded content, made for an array of global networks and platforms. Red Arrow Studios is part of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, one of Europe’s leading media groups.

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James Baker Red Arrow Studios

James Baker

President & Co-CEO, Red Arrow Studios

Red Arrow Studios Studio71 Reza Izad

Reza Izad

CEO, Studio71 & Co-CEO, Red Arrow Studios

Nina Etspueler Red Arrow Studios

Nina Etspüler

Group Creative Director, Red Arrow Studios

Martin Metzger Business Affairs Red Arrow Studios

Martin Metzger

Chief Business Affairs & Commercial Officer, Red Arrow Studios

Raimo Reese Red Arrow Studios

Raimo Reese

Chief Financial Officer, Red Arrow Studios

Bo Stehmeier

President, Red Arrow Studios International

Paul Raven EVP Marketing and Communications Red Arrow Studios

Paul Raven

EVP Marketing & Communications, Red Arrow Studios


Craig Armstrong

Co-Founder, 10Fold

Rick Ringbakk

Co-Founder, 10Fold

Rasha Drachkovitch 44 Blue

Rasha Drachkovitch

CEO & Co-Founder, 44 Blue Productions

Stephanie Drachkovitch 44 Blue

Stephanie Drachkovitch

President & Co-Founder, 44 Blue Productions

Heather Rabbatts

Heather Rabbatts

Managing Director, Cove Pictures

Danielle Lux

Managing Director, CPL Productions

Murray Boland

Murray Boland

Creative Director, CPL Productions

Chris Dorsey

Chris Dorsey

CEO, Dorsey Pictures

Amy Dorsey

Managing Director, Dorsey Pictures

Hilary Bevan Jones Endor Productions Red Arrow Studios

Hilary Bevan Jones

Managing Director & Producer, Endor Productions

Henrik Bastin

Henrik Bastin

Partner & CEO, Fabrik Entertainment

Melissa Aouate

Partner & President, Fabrik Entertainment

Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher

Co-founder & CEO, Half Yard Productions

Abby Greensfelder

Co-Founder & Executive Board Member, Half Yard Productions

Amit Stretiner

Amit Stretiner

Head of Formats, July August Productions

Yochanan Kredo

Head of Features & Drama, July August Productions

Emre Sahin

Founding Partner, Karga Seven Pictures

Kelly McPherson

Partner, Karga Seven Pictures

Sarah Wetherbee

Partner, Karga Seven Pictures

Chris Coelen

Chris Coelen

CEO, Kinetic Content

Ken Druckerman & Banks Tarver

Co-Founders & Co-Presidents, Left/Right

Kari Skogland Mad Rabbit Red Arrow Studios

Kari Skogland

CEO, Mad Rabbit

Jobst Benthues

CEO, Redseven Entertainment

Christiane Heinemann

Managing Director, Redseven Entertainment

Julia Knetsch

Managing Director Finance & Operations, RedSeven Entertainment

Michael von Würden

Michael von Würden

Managing Director, Snowman Productions

John Saade Red Arrow Studios

John Saade

Founder, Spinnaker Chaos


Bo Stehmeier

President, Red Arrow Studios International

David Reinecke Red Arrow Studios International

David Reinecke

Managing Director, Red Arrow Studios International

Carlo Dusi Red Arrow Studios International

Carlo Dusi

EVP Commercial Strategy, Scripted, Red Arrow Studios International

Alex Fraser

EVP Acquisitions & Content Investment, Red Arrow Studios International

Tim Gerhartz

SVP Global Sales, Red Arrow Studios International

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Director of Marketing & Communications, Red Arrow Studios International

Nolan Gallagher Gravitas Ventures

Nolan Gallagher

CEO, Gravitas Ventures

Michael Murphy Gravitas Ventures

Michael Murphy

President, Gravitas Ventures

Brendan Gallagher

Brendan Gallagher

VP Business Affairs, Gravitas Ventures

Red Arrow Studios Studio71 Reza Izad

Reza Izad

CEO, Studio71 & Co-CEO, Red Arrow Studios

Dan Weinstein

President, Studio71 US

Oliver Strutynski

Chief Financial Officer, Studio71

Matt Crowley

Matt Crowley

Chief Revenue Officer, Studio71 US

Michael Schreiber

President of Scripted Content, Studio71 US

Adam Boorstin

Adam Boorstin

Chief Business Officer, Studio71 US

Andrew Strauser Studio71 Red Arrow Studios

Andrew Strauser

Senior Vice President of Unscripted Content, Studio71 US

Jordan Bortolotti

EVP Canada, Studio71

Johann Griebl

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Studio71 Germany

Sebastian Romanus

Managing Director, Studio71 Germany

Nicolas Capuron

Nicolas Capuron

Managing Director, Studio71 France

Assen Diakovski

Managing Director, Studio71 Italy

James Stafford

Managing Director, Studio71 UK

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